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More than 30 years of innovation and leadership in healthcare

MedicineOne is a technology company born in Portugal with a global vision, dedicated to the development of software for the healthcare market. Our EHR is simultaneously one of the oldest, most innovative and most complete in the world. We have developed one of the best software to manage small and large health units, whether they are public or private institutions.

We started in Portugal, but our ambition takes us far. We take innovation, engineering, excellence and Portuguese passion with us everywhere. Every day we keep up with the fast pace of a constantly evolving world, creating new solutions for a dynamic healthcare market.

Past, Present & Future

A message from our founder

“There is nothing more precious than human life and no more noble work than that of the healthcare professionals who save and prolong the lives of millions of people every day.
MedicineOne exists to support them in fulfilling their mission, producing smart technology that helps them decide and manage better, avoid errors and provide excellent healthcare.”

João Miguel Domingos

What moves us

Our mission

To help health care providers reach their full potential in delivering care and help people improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

MedicineOne is a reference when it comes to intelligent software for healthcare, responding to the needs of professionals and putting customers at the centre of all processes.

Our Values

The values that guide us daily are innovation, collaboration, transparency and agility, while creating positive relationships and continuous improvement.

Our Future

The future brings us great challenges and also great responsibilities. We want to be a national and international reference in digital and face-to-face health, growing along with trends in health.

Some key indicators

We can tell you all about our history, but great numbers never lie.

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