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A dynamic and integrated system

M1 is MedicineOne’s EHR and is simultaneously one of the oldest, one of the most innovative and complete EHRs in the world.

It is based on more than three decades of presence in the market, and, in particular, on the extensive knowledge acquired over the years through contact with the main health operators. M1 is able to centrally manage a complete and heterogeneous healthcare system and its foundations are the values that are behind the success of healthcare organisations: the excellence of care services and the experience provided to customers, their families and health care providers.

Our focus is on delivering excellence in healthcare services, providing the best experience for professionals and patients. Through Clinical Intelligence Systems, we are able to deliver even more value, offering maximum safety, fewer clinical errors and lower risk for all stakeholders.
At the same time, with our digital solutions we are able to respond to an ever-changing world. Flexibility is at our core, and so we are able to reinvent ourselves and thus cover most of the needs in healthcare services.

Discover what makes us different

Ability to manage all types of health units

Ability to manage a small health unit or a large health group with different types of units.

An unique clinical process for each client

A unique clinical record for each costumer, complying with GDPR regulations.

Customizable clinical documentation

Customizable clinical documentation for all specialties and pathologies

Simplicity of use, intuitive graphical interface and teamwork

M1 is very intuitive and easy to use for any professional profile. In addition, the entire system is connected, allowing teamwork and real-time access to information, regardless of the module you are working on.

Digital Health Services

Digital health services integrated into professionals' processes and available through a personalized app.

Clinical intelligence systems & AI

Clinical intelligence systems improve the quality of healthcare, reduce clinical error and increase customer safety. The use of artificial intelligence in clinical and administrative processes makes it possible to predict clinical events and understand natural language.

Value-Based Healthcare

Decision support systems are fundamental for the quality of health care services and for the reduction of clinical errors, simplifying the adoption of the Value-Based Healthcare model.


M1 allows integration with several essential systems for healthcare units, such as LIS, RIS, PACS, VNA and ERP (financial, logistic, HR), among others.

Statistics & business intelligence

M1 provides a global statistical overview through fully customized, interactive Power BI maps and dashboards that provide clinical, quality and production KPIs.

Clinical Intelligence Systems

Our goal is to build a solution where it is impossible to make a preventable clinical error. To reach this level, our EHR natively connects with the Clinical Brain, taking advantage of unique decision support systems that help physicians in their most critical decisions.


The system issues an alert whenever interactions between prescription drugs are detected.
Group 219


Whenever there are incompatibilities between medications, a warning is issued.


Alert for medications LASA – Look Alike, Sound Alike.


Contraindications relevant to the patient are also taken into account.


Alerts for the clinician to take into account the patient's allergies to a certain component.

Different Dosages

A message is triggered to draw attention to the different dosages of a medication.

Important Warnings

Warnings to avoid situations of serious danger to the patient

Follow-up protocols

The system has defined follow-up protocols, allowing the patient to be monitored in the best possible way

Prescription Guidelines

These support systems also have built-in prescribing guidelines, thus supporting doctors.

Digital Services by MedicineOne

Healthcare is changing and the path towards digital is unstoppable.
MedicineOne’s digital services are a digital health ecosystem, in which through a simple app or a website, customers have quick access to quality healthcare, where user experience and perception go beyond the experience of a face-to-face appointment. In addition to healthcare services, customers will also have access to a wide variety of domestic services and home care that promote quality of life and autonomy, facilitating active health management.

Group 204


Teleconsultation with all the necessary functionalities for excellent medical follow-up, available 24/7 anywhere. This service provides greater autonomy for patients and, at the same time, greater support for doctors, with the decision support systems included.

Telemonitoring devices

Availability of remote telemonitoring devices, providing excellent digital healthcare and promoting a perception of value similar to a face-to-face appointment.

And a lot more soon

We are working daily to bring you even more digital health services soon, increasing the value of digital health around the world.

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